Dr. Mei Jen Weng: L.AC, Ph.D

Dr. Mei Jen Weng grew up in Taiwan, influenced and inspired by her mothers compassion and natural healing skill. At a young age, Dr. Weng witnessed her father become seriously ill. Experiencing his suffering, she began to notice the diseased and ailing in her local village. At this moment, Dr. Weng had an epiphany that she must devote her life to healing and the service of others. Dr. Weng began her studies in Taiwan at the China Cultural College, followed by Chung Shan Medical College where she graduated as a registered nurse. Dr. Weng continued her studies in the U.S. where she attended Yuin University of Oriental Medicine.

For over thirty years Dr. Weng has used her unique combination of skill, knowledge, intuition, and spiritual insight to treat and heal her patients. Using Acupuncture, herbs, Qigong, and emotional release therapy, Dr. Weng penetrates the core of the issue to promote whole being wellness.

Dr. Weng travels extensively, volunteering her time and skill to various charitable activities worldwide.